Stalling? Maybe?

Discussion in 'The Mixing shop.' started by rivermobster, May 14, 2018.

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    So who has a 455 Holly carbed engine, that is running an...

    Auto trans
    Factory AC (sorta, we are using a complete March system on the engine)
    Dual electric cooling fans (20amp each running normally, I checked)

    Why I'm asking is...

    I'm afraid of the additional load of the fans slamming on possibly stall the engine when the engine temp rises or the AC turns on.

    I have the option to wire up these fans with a few different relays (one for each fan, one to supply ground when the ac turns on and one to power the carb high idle solenoid)


    A pair of FlexALite controllers that will soft start the fans when they come on, due to ether engine temp or AC activation and maybe prevent the engine from stalling.

    How did you set up your car? Thanks for the answers!


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