Starting 200 4r install, questions?

Discussion in 'The "Juice Box"' started by hjsonnie, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. hjsonnie

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    Ok, I've read Ken's sticky and other posts. I have an older PTS Killer street from a board member 8 yrs ago.
    1) what's the plastic tube for on the case top side?
    2) D5 tc, case has a two post electrical connector. Is that sufficient for 4th gear lockup? If so, which post to what?
    3) can I hook the pressure gauge to the 90° elbow above the shift linkage arm on the trans case to set TV cable?

    I already have TCI carb bracket fitment issues. Hitting brake booster vacuum port and manifold even with 1" carb spacer. I have column shift 455/th400 in car now. Stock manifold. Longer carb studs coming to move bracket up 1/2" more. 20200802_085813.jpg 20200802_085805.jpg 20200802_085820.jpg 20200802_085813.jpg 20200802_085805.jpg 20200802_085813.jpg 20200802_085805.jpg 20200802_085820.jpg
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    1) It's a vent. It looks like you have apiece of vacuum hose connect to it. It won't hurt anything if you leave it there but it's not necessary.
    2) There are 2 wires coming out of the lockup solenoid, a red and a black. As long as you know that they connect to those two terminals on the connector and to which terminals you can connect them to whatever source you'd like to use for the lockup. You might want to pull the pan and take a look just to be sure. I would. It's much easier to do now than it is once you get it in the car. TCI has a vacuum switch that works, others use a pressure switch, or you may just want to use a toggle to engage the lockup. It's whatever your preference is.
    3) The 90 degree elbow will work fine for the pressure gauge.

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