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    I see the article that George did about using 2nd gen f-body sway bars on a-bodies. His article specifies 68-72 cars but not the older ones. I can't find a ton here on how to upgrade to the bigger bars on my 66 Special. I'm tearing ALL the original front end out this next week and I happen to have a bar that just came off of my 70 Camaro sitting in the shop. Before I screw up and try something that might backfire will this bar fit okay or should I just order the correct bar from BMR, hotchkis, etc? Car will be on tubular arms(front) and eventually get air ride but for now it's all spring from and rear. Southside lowers and BMR adjustable uppers on the rear with a 7/8 hotchkis sway bar.
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    I used one of the f-body bars on my 67 with success. Make sure to check for interference from other suspension components like tie rods and springs as the fat bar takes up a lot of room! I used a 1" on the rear. Now this may all be different for you since you are going with after market arms/air ride. However, since you have the bar it will hurt nothing to try it.
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