TA rocker capability

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by hugger, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    What's considered the safe spring psi max for the TA rockers.
  2. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Ran several setups to 800+ open pressure-- UNMODIFIED ROCKERS--- New springs are now on the market that will yield this pressure, and not require clearance of the rockers.

    I did just have on of my Tomahawks break a roller rocker shaft and sheer off a rocker stud. 760 open pressure on that one, as measured with used springs when it came back for repair, they were down the typical 10%.. The wider Stage 3 rocker arms look just fine.
  3. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    So Jesels are overkill for a 7k rpm hydro roller??
  4. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

  5. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Whaaaatttt about with 15~20lbs of boost added to the equation
  6. offbrand Racing

    offbrand Racing Platinum Level Contributor


    I have jesel’s on my stg 2 TE heads with a pretty big solid roller set up and jim said they were overkill. So i am sure they would be for your project too.

    Just my 2 cents....
  7. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    28 years ago I was running 750+ lbs over the nose with our standard .990" wide rockers that were bored straight through for the bearings. Not like our current rockers that are counter bored for the bearings which leave a strengthening strap between the bearings. I personally never broke a rocker or a lifter bore. I also had those rocker machined for 1.550 diameter valve springs. If you need to clearance the rockers for larger springs caution needs to be taken as how the rockers are machined to fit the larger spring. I never torque rocker studs more than 30 lbs. If a studs pull out its mostly because it came loose first. Make sure there tight.
  8. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Awesome one less thing to buy

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