TH350 / 200R4 swap summary

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  1. techg8

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    Cutlk OTE=buicks;2470247]Regarding shift points, is there a stock one that is plug and play for a 72 Skylark? As far as, if it is in good condition or is stock rebuilt for the donor car and you would not like to break it open or pay to have it custom built?[/QUOTE]
    my suggestion would be to choose a core that came from a car that has the same your gearing as your Skylark.

    So if you have stock 2.5 6 gears in your Skylark, maybe an OG transmission from an Oldsmobile Cutlass 307 would suit. If on the other hand you have 3.73 rear gears in your Skylark then I would think that a CZ transmission from a Monte Carlo SS would be suitable. I think in every case shift. Will not be exactly where you would want them today but a close match might be able to be found. it's all about the transmission output shaft speed since thats what the governor works off of
  2. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Summit has the TCI kit number 376600

    And they sell just the vacuum switch if that's all u need
  3. hobbby

    hobbby Well-Known Member

    Awesome thank you. I sent them a message.
  4. Skippy597

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    Could this be made a sticky?
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  6. DBS

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    All very interesting - Thanks guys. Something I'd been considering on an upcoming build and this took all the mystery out if it and definitely makes me lean more towards doing it.
  7. wovenweb

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    What did everyone use for transmission cooler lines?
  8. jaye

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    I got line from a local parts store and bent my own lines and ran them into the radiator, later I plan on putting in a separate cooler for the transmission so far its running great in the radiato
    I'm also running my lockup on a toggle switch & relay.
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  9. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Summit sells stainless braided hose kit w -an adapter fittings. I ran them inside the framerail.

    I believe JW sells a kit as well.

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