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    I know that in every genre of car collecting there are special guys that the regulars like me depend on. These are guys that go out of their way to disseminate information, organize and run car shows, and share whatever they can. And all just for the love of the hobby. For me, I believe in the Buick world that person is Duane Heckman.
    Here’s what he did for me. I was in Mexico recently and got a notification on this board from him that he had found some parts that he remembered i needed. Now I haven’t seen Duane since the GSX reunion back in 2009. So i was surprised, to say the least, that he remembered me, and my car. And that he also remembered that i was missing the rear spoiler brackets that go under the deck lid to help support the rear spoiler. In his stash of parts he found an absolutely 100% original set with some white paint still on them, and contacted me. Unbelievable! Thank You again Duane!
    I posted a shot of the brackets and a shot of the underside of the deck lid with the ragged hole that was used to install these. Speculation is that mine were not reinstalled after the first generation 70 spoilers were coming apart just on the lot, and Buick redesigned them to the 70 second generation with single weep hole. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there is hardened body goo in the shape of the bracket under my trunk lid. What happened to the original set i will never really know, but i have an original set now!
    Cannot thank you enough Duane!
    0B33AC91-8615-4281-8F2B-EB9C01CE5D1D.jpeg C38BB6B2-2FD4-4037-8D37-1B50A701E2C9.jpeg
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    Glad to help.

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