THM200C shifting too late after carburettor clean

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  1. Blurredman

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    In persuit of rectifying my lumpy idle I took the carburettor off to clean it out.

    I did nothing with the cables other then disconnect them. I did not adjust them to take off nor to put back on the carburettor.

    Trans is a thm200 with Lockup - (which seems to engage at the 40mph that it did before).

    However after carburettor installation the part way throttle shift from 1st to 2nd is now at 20mph instaed of the 13-15 it used to be.. Likewise the 2nd to 3rd is no longer shifting at anywhere below 35.

    The shifts are not even occuring if I take my foot off the throttle and re-apply under the above speeds.

    The adjustment bracket i've not changed lately. As when I loosened it by a click or two, the transmission shifted late. It's current position is at the tighest point.

    I'm scratching my head a bit..
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  2. LARRY70GS

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  3. Blurredman

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    Okay great- I have adjusted the cable thusly.. with what I can gather by the instructions.

    Loosen clip
    Pull throttle valve all the way.
    Tighten clip

    The position of the cable is now one-two clicks from where it was originally. (it's dark, I think it's just the one clip position.)

    I am going for a short journey. I will try this out. Thanks.
  4. Blurredman

    Blurredman Well-Known Member

    Thanks Larry. The drive was successful. Infact shifts were actually better and more crisp than before and as you would expect. Very happy. Ta.
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  5. TexasT

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    Tv cable adjustment on any trans that uses it is crucial. A lot of times the thing will self adjust and need reset.

    Great you were able to get it under control.

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