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  1. 41speciman

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    Hello any help appriciated
    I have a 70 455 that is rebuilt stage 1 heads kenne bell mk 113 cam rhoads lifters and kenne bell roller rockers and shafts all new parts my oil pressure is 60 to 70 at start up cold and hot drops to 35 to 40 at idle the rockers on cylinders 5 and 6 let oil come out great but the rest are oiling but very little I have asked TA perf some buick guys I know in my area and cant seem to figure out what is the problem has anyone had this happen. I went to 69 rocker shafts and it helped on the other rockers oil better but should be all oiling the same up through the push rods all lifters fit the block good not loose have put 400 miles or so on it no serious top end noise
  2. RG67BEAST

    RG67BEAST Well-Known Member

    Are you running a hi volume oil pump?
  3. Mark Demko

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    I'm not familiar with how Rhoads lifters oil the valve train, BUT I do know they bleed off oil at low rpm.
    Maybe that's the issue, maybe its not an issue at all.
    Somebody that uses Rhoads lifters could better answer.
    Why are you using a '69 rocker shaft? Doesn't that have an oil hole that aligns with the feed hole in the #1 rocker tower?
    The '69 rocker shafts oil the rockers VS the '70 and up that oil thru the pushrods.
    That could be an issueo_O
  4. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    You say you are running roller rockers, but then you say you are using 69 rocker shafts. Are you running stock rockers or roller rockers?
  5. john.schaefer77

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    455's do not have the hole to feed the shafts on the passenger side. This was eliminated for pushrod oiling. The remaining hole was there for machining purposes on the driver's side. If you are using 67-69 shafts with solid pushrods in a 455 the passenger side (#2, 4, &6) would not get any oil through the shaft. I also remember the 400/430 rockers use a different sized end than the 455, so they are not able to fit correctly. This is why T/A has the "hybrid" pushrods for using 430 rockers with "through the pushrod" oiling.

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