Tri-shield for 65 Skylark

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by Scsage, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Scsage

    Scsage New Member


    Has anyone ever reproduced the tri-shield for a 65 Skylark hood emblem? Thanks.

    Steve C.
  2. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    Someone mentioned the repo seat belt buckle inserts can be cut and used for the hood ornament.
  3. GSJim

    GSJim Founders Club Member

    Poston used to sell re-pops but they went out of business long ago. So someone must have made them. I bought 4-5 of them back then but passed them out quite awhile ago.

    Jim (Ponch)
  4. GSJim

    GSJim Founders Club Member

    I have One that I picked up at a swap meet 4-5 Years ago. It doesn't have any color left on it. I gave 30 Bux for it. It's yours for 30 if you want it.

    Jim (Ponch)
  5. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Original tri-shield or a repro? I would be interested if it's a faded original. Assuming Steve isn't interested, of course. Thanks!
  6. GSJim

    GSJim Founders Club Member

    It's an original I'm quite sure. Two point suspension for the Tri-Shield. Some of the one's from Poston were Three point, some Two point. The later one's were Two point. They must be getting hard to find. I saw a '65 Gran Sport on E-Bay for 69+ Grand and it didn't have a hood orniment. It's an A/C Four speed car. The guy says make a reasonable initial bid. How about a reasonable initial price.

    OK, I just went and dug out the orniment. It has good color but the mounting post is broken off. Two point suspension. It looks great really. The price is still 30. I just want to help out a fellow 65 Skylark owner. I dont want to see it for sale on here in a few Months for a crazy higher price. That has happened before here where someone Really Needed a part, I send it and find it for sale again. Really pissed me off. So Steve, it's still yours if you really need it.

    Jim (Ponch)
  7. la 65 gs

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  8. Nailhead Ronnie

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  9. GSJim

    GSJim Founders Club Member

    Hi Ron. I had trouble finding this post. I was in the hospital last week and was unable to respond. I still have the hood ornament if you're still interested. It looks as tho it can be drilled and tapped for a small machine screw. Let me know.

    Jim (Ponch)

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