Very nice 66 tail lights

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by GranSportSedan, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. GranSportSedan

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    Looking for a set of nice pit free 66 tail light assemblies. Also a set of nice back up light assemblies
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  3. gsfred

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  4. GranSportSedan

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  5. GS Spoken Here

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    Have a nice sent, not perfect but nice. As I remember no pits on chrome, good chrome, argent silver, could use re-done. very few pits on the silver. good lens and housing. Will get them out and check them out.
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  6. GranSportSedan

    GranSportSedan professional irritator

    Excellent, thank you
  7. GS Spoken Here

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    Found the 66 tail lights and took them apart. The drivers bezel has no pits anywhere, even on the argent silver, the silver has one small scuff. lens is good need polished and the argent painted. The housing is good no major rust, needs the white pained. outside is still gold color. both gaskets are there and useable. The Pass, bezel has some very small pits on the under side of the chrome, and a very few small pits on the argent, more on the lower, Argent needs painted. Lens is good, needs polished and argent painted. Only rust is on one small area on the gasket area of the housing., but it is solid. The outside of housing is still gold color. Both gaskets are useable. $250.00 plus the shipping. I can post pictures here or email them to you. Thanks Bill.
  8. GranSportSedan

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    Pm sent

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