Wanted: 1965 date-coded alternator & voltage regulator cores

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by BuickGS65, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Hi Guys:

    Looking for a (reasonably priced) date-specific alternator core. Must be a January/February of 1965 date.

    Alternator should read:

    1100691 42A
    5A(day of month) OR 5B(day of month) Or 5C

    Voltage Regulator should read:
    1119515 5A, 5B or 5C

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  2. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Dan...my illegible, greasy hand, scrawney, tornup & mostly wrinkled, broken lead-pencil written, faded NON verified notes show I MAY still have this:

    1100691 42A, 5G23

    Would this be close enuf for me to go thru my bins and find it for ya???

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
  3. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Thanks Wheelz. G is too late. :(

    Still looking!
  4. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    I will look at my alternators....all came from 65-66 cars...

    Peace WildBill
  5. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Thanks Bill - please keep me posted!
  6. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    I got a very nice 6A in that number/amperage.

    Peace WildBill
  7. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    6A is January 1966 :(

    Thanks for checking Bill!
  8. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Yeah...dangit....Super Ted Nagel might have a stash....i will try and awaken him.....

    We will find that alternator.

    Peace WildBill
  9. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Thanks Bill!

    Would also take a 5C date.

    Also in search of a voltage regulator core. Will have 1119515 stamped on it; need a 5A, 5B or 5C date code.
  10. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    May have that regulator....will look this weekend Dan.

    Peace WildBIll
  11. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    I have a 5C regulator . It's used.

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