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  1. Cutlass

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    I have a damaged rubber/felt-seal at the rear quarterpanel. Sorry I do not know how this part is called (not being a native speaker). Is this part available as single component, or do I have to buy a whole weatherstripping kit? 1970 Skylark convertible.
    Thanks for any leads.

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  2. Redmanf1

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    Unless you find an NOS one you will most likely have to purchase a full outer set. Usually they are called outer beltline weatherstrip (molding).
    I think I would try a little 3M 08008 Super Black Weatherstrip Adhesive and repair it.
    Hope this helps.

    This is what you are looking for.

    3M 08008 Super Black Weatherstrip Adhesive. Should be able to find at any automotive store.!48060!US!-1:rk:3:pf:0
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  3. Cutlass

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    Thanks, I tried with special adhesive, but it did not last. I bought a 8pcs-kit on ebay, as shipping is the same compared to the 4pcs-kit. It is also from Repops. I hope the quality will be fine. Anyway, my choice has been somewhat limited, as some sources would not offer international shipping.
  4. Cutlass

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    Package was delivered today. 10 days for international shipping is not bad. In the end I payed around 177$ for the kit, 22$ for shipping and 54$ for import duty (7%) and tax (19%). The kit leaves a good overall impression. I will see how the fit is next year when I take the Buick out of storage again.
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