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Discussion in 'The "Other" Bench' started by BUICK528, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. BUICK528

    BUICK528 Big Red

    This forum will be for those spectators that are not specifically Buick owners, but who are owners or enthusiasts of all things related to American Musclecars in general.

    Everyone is required to have a sense of humor, and above all, read between the lines on comments before replying with a hammer..

    Let's have fun !!

    J and C
  2. MPRY1

    MPRY1 Gear Banger

    Oh man!!! I'm already killing a good amount of time going through all the forums here, now I have another one that I'm forced to peruse. :grin:
  3. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member


    Finally a place where all of us can relax and joke around.. Say what we want and don't have to be politicaly correct!!
    O wait we don't care about that now..:rolleyes:
    Topics I'd like to purse::
    1- Who stole Mike's whole trailer load of Nair for his back??
    2- Dave H- Did he really lose his keys or was he sceered??
    3- Does Casey really wear riding pants??
    4-Did Horaldo Reveria really find Cappones vault, Did the government cover it up???

    These topics are no longer Taboo!! And Inquiring people want to know!!!!:eek2: :bglasses:
  4. BUICK528

    BUICK528 Big Red


    Tim, I think we need a sticky topic with your speeling, I mean spelling errors...:laugh: :bglasses:

  5. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    Great idea for this forum and it shows that the Buick clan embrace their muscle car cousins.

    I'd like to see "Show your brandX car" for the OP & Mopar crowd go up on here. I'm into them all, particularly the 'Stock Appearing' type which already have a strong following on the board. Up to now the pics of these cars are scattered in threads all over the place. It would be nice to see them organized together for easier reference.

    Thanks for making this the best muscle car board on the net, bar none. :TU:
  6. Dr Olds

    Dr Olds Crush that Mustang!!!!

    I guess that means the ford guys are around here? :spank:

    Great website. I have a new vice while I sit in front of this computer for 60 hours a week.:beer
  7. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    You're right, Tim

    I got up at 4 A.M. (don't forget I'm retired and don't need to get up for anything any more :moonu: :moonu: ), drove to Casey's house in the dark, waited at a rest stop for someone who was 1/2 hour late, then ran in the caravan all the way to Norwalk, unstrapped the car, chopped the living s#$t out of my wire harness hot wiring it and gave up because I was skeered. Would have been easier to stay in bed and come up with a better story than that.

    You're right, I was skeered. Even after breaking into it and hot wiring it, Skeered of electrical fires, no rev limiter, no tach, etc.

    BTW, just ordered an NOS set of key blanks for it today. We WILL have a few extra sets around. Also carry a copy on my F150 key chain, too, just in case. Staying in bed still sounds good, though. :laugh:
  8. BUICK528

    BUICK528 Big Red

    Re: You're right, Tim

    Dave, reading your story and then reading your sig, just cracked me up:laugh: :laugh: sure goes hand in hand..:TU:

  9. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member


    Sweet at least I know where to pick up a W-31 now!!!:Brow:
    Just kidding Dave -- You know I felt your pain cuttin your baby up like that.. Not to mention stuck watching everyone else making runs..:(
    OK #2 is answered!!! Horaldo is next...

    PS-- Who was Late.:Do No: :Do No:
    PSS-- Skeered was on purpose. The rash of other mispelled words and phrases where not..
  10. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    I need an answer to #1. Now I dont have an enclosed trailer to deliver my stuff in:mad:
    as to the contents being Nair:Do No:
  11. Mike Wowk

    Mike Wowk Who freakin' cares?

    Sorry Keith....I can't think about my stolen trailer now. I'm too worried about being "Loved by a Buick guy" :shock:
  12. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member


    I don't know what's worse , Mike getting along with his Buick brethren- OR- the thought of mike being LOVED by a Buick Guy!!!:shock: :jd: :confused: :moonu:
  13. Mike Wowk

    Mike Wowk Who freakin' cares?

    Sorry guys, But a long distance relationship will never work:Smarty:
  14. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Damn, what's wrong with this thing?

    14 seconds? This is a 427. What's wrong?

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  15. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    Maybe Mikie doesnt like being loved by the Buick crowd,he wouldnt even wave to me this afternoon :blast: Maybe the maxipad was afraid of my 300 inline 6 in my Ferd van:laugh:
  16. Mike Wowk

    Mike Wowk Who freakin' cares?

    I was wavin' something....Just wasn't my hand:Brow:
  17. Blaze333

    Blaze333 Craig B.

    How to tell if you are driving a Buick

    Just take a look in the rear view mirror!

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  18. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

  19. RED GS 1

    RED GS 1 Well-Known Member

    Love that picture!! :laugh: :laugh:
  20. mikehurd

    mikehurd Well-Known Member

    Re: hmm

    Tim told me once that my Chevelle would go fast when I stopped being (sceered) of it. Didn't understand him at the time but now I get it.

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