What to do? 67 intake and 800CFM Quadrajet

Discussion in 'The Venerable Q-Jet' started by Grandpas67, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Grandpas67

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    Hi Guys,

    Do any of you have experience with this combo? I had a level 2 built by quadrajet power (going to call them tomorrow for suggestions) and was getting ready to install it and found the gasket mating surface and intake mating surface differ a bit. The early intake and the 800 quadrajet don't seem to match up well. It looks like it might take a combo of a spacer and gasket to make it work. Anybody know what that might be?

    20181016_174341.jpg 20181016_174326.jpg 20181016_174238.jpg 20181016_174252.jpg
  2. carmantx

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  3. Grandpas67

    Grandpas67 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mark. Here's a picture of where the new carb hits the intake (circled in yellow on new and corresponding spot on old). Not sure what the part is called but it's on the choke side. Looks like the earlier carb is wider at that part...and maybe a spacer would help get it up a 1/4" or so. interference.jpg
  4. lemmy-67

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    That's the wrong base gasket, and you'll need the spacer & steel plate for the exhaust channel (a.k.a. smiley channel). Go here:


    ...and see if you can get a kit with all gaskets.
  5. 12lives

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    Quadrajet power should have given you the right gasket if you told them what it is going on. I'd call them and ask for the right setup.

    Why did you go with the 800 cfm?
  6. Grandpas67

    Grandpas67 Well-Known Member

    I went with the 800 because I'm building (built) a 70' 455 (.040" over) and when I was researching what carb to go with that's what was suggested by several folks.
  7. Grandpas67

    Grandpas67 Well-Known Member

    Hey Mark, did you get a chance to compare the gasket to the base? I need to come up with a solution very soon, as I'm planning on starting this thing Friday (if I can).
  8. Grandpas67

    Grandpas67 Well-Known Member

    Got the gasket in the mail, thanks Mark. We ended up making a 1/4" spacer using a sheet of phenolic material...using the gasket as a template.
  9. hwprouty

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    I think I have a aluminum spacer for a Quad out in the shop, if it'll help you I'll look tomorrow?
  10. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Not sure your phenolic spacer will resist the exhaust port - good to about 700 degrees F. I think you will still need the steel spacer. Check with an expert tho - I'm not!
  11. Grandpas67

    Grandpas67 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the offer Harold, but I think we have it taken care of.

    I had considered the heat thing especially since the original had a little burn through the metal gasket. I have a new one on the way, the old one is temporarily on there until it shows up...
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  12. BQUICK

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    I like to plug those heat passages....not really necessary unless you are in Alaska.
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  13. Cliff R

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    Many early intakes have the heat channel under the carburetor. It was used till 1967 for Pontiac/Buick engines and at least till 1969 on some Chevy engines. It was one of those mods that was good in theory but poor in practical application. Heating the bottom of the carb, especially on the primary side helps warm the incoming charge and allows for a leaner mixture and improved emissions.

    In actual use it puts too much heat on the carb and in some scenarios boils the fuel in the fuel bowl causing running issues.

    We always install plugs in early intakes using that set-up. If/when we're going to a 1971 or later carb on them I'll also use the original gasket as a template and make a thicker steel spacer, put the stock gasket under it, and 1/4" thick later style gasket between the spacer and carburetor. If you go much thicker the spacer will need to be 4 hole or at least have a divider in it or running issues can develop with some engine combo's.......Cliff
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