Where can I find these?

Discussion in 'Interior City' started by wovenweb, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. wovenweb

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    They hold the seat back to the cushion.

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  2. wovenweb

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    Car is a ‘70 Skylark Custom with center arm rest bench seat.
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    My friend Ben the seat guy (http://www.seat-guy.com) said the following...

    "All the repop places will have them the 64/65 buckets use them, but the repops are hit and miss, the teeth break off when u tap them on.

    Hw stores sell a similar item called an axle cap (like for lawn mowers or wagons) chrome cap (but not exactly) but teeth that will hold them on properly.

    Alternate is to use the repops and roll the dice on the teeth. If the teeth break, just buy a c clip to hold the cushion on and use rtv inside the cap to hold it on."
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  4. wovenweb

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    Awesome! Thanks for your help with this!
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