Which model Buick should I use?

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    Hi everyone. Last week I bought a 1968 Jeep J-3500 with a Buick 430 swap (connected to a TH400). I'm now in the process of replacing several parts. (water temp bulb, dip stick, oil pan and such) Since todays parts stores seem to only know how to look up specific vehicles and not the engines themselves, which model Buick would be my best bet to find 430 parts?

    The engine is currently in a state of "barn find" dirty. Getting numbers off the engine right now is not as easy as just brushing some dirt away. There is literally 40 years of layered grim and oil slug to work through. I'll be working on getting the exact numbers soon, but in the mean time, I'm hoping an original model would help get things moving.
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    Sweet! Thanks for your help!
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    All engine parts for these cars other than a very few Riv specific parts should work for you with no problems.
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