Wildcat in "First Man" movie

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  1. buickbonehead

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    Anybody notice the '66 Wildcat in the movie First Man. It may have been a LeSabre but my minds eye clearly sees the hood ornament and the grill. Its a shot showing the front of the car. I got the wife's fingernails dug in my arm when I yelled "Hey there's Wildcat!"
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  2. pbr400

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    Haven’t seen it, but I did see a ‘66 four door (‘cat or LeSabre) in the new TV show ‘The Kids Are Alright’ last night.
  3. Luxus

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    Haven't seen the movie but this made me think of Jeff Foxworthy. You know you may be a Buick nerd when:

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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Now that was the last reason to go see it.
    What can I say but I really need to be motivated to sit in a theater to see a movie.
    A 66 Wildcat is enough motivation :D
  5. DruRizzo

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    Netflix movie "Handsome" has 70 Lesabre 2 door convertible

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