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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by SpecialWagon65, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Its been a while with no progress...but the Wildcat is No. 1 on the launch pad! Wild Bill and I have made a pact to get our Wildcat overdrive cars DONE by the BCA meet in Flint July 2008! Here is a scan for your amusement...
  2. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    My short term goals are
    1. Hump enlarge
    2. clutch install with hydraulic throw out bearing
    3. brake booster and clutch/brake assembly install
    4. slave cylinder and linkage hook up.
    5. Brakes - I would like them to be working next time i move this car! It was very scary moving without brakes
    6. Send interior panels to SMS for a redo in Red

  3. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    The Flint Plant had nothing on the two of you!
  4. buickbonehead

    buickbonehead WOT Baby!

    Is this the Black cat?

  5. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Oh yes :beer *barrels and 5 forward speeds HO! :beers2:

  6. bob k. mando

    bob k. mando Well-Known Member

    8 barrels and 5 forward speeds HO

    soooooo, that would make it an "852"? the Olds guys will be so jealous. :laugh:
  7. 64BuickCat

    64BuickCat Geaux Tigers! L-S-U!!!

    They ain't the only ones! Cool 'Cat, Ted. :TU:
  8. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Last weekend I had help from my buddy Doug :TU: :TU:
    got the hump into shape, just need to weld the holes up now.
    I installed the flywheel and clutch plate, tonight I tried to slide the trannie into place with out any luck. I need to borrow a 27 spline clutch alignment tool, see if its aligned. the alignment tool I used must have let the clutch plate move :rolleyes:
    I also had to take the hydraulic clutch line to the hydraulic line shop to get fixed. Hopefully they can get er done. Moving forward though!
  9. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have the manishaft out of another trans like that laying around? If so you can you it to do the line up.

    A stunning Cat. I'll take one.
  10. rvlanger32

    rvlanger32 1965 Custom Wildcat Conv

    Wildcat Fever


    Love the black cat! Getting started on mine in AZ.

  11. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    I have a 10 spline trans input shaft sitting here but not the fine one.
    A buddy has done the tremec install into his GTX and may have the proper clutch alignment tool, checking on that!
    I got my hydraulic line back this morning, so I'm ready to connect the clutch bits together and test them out of the car. leakage would be very bad and would require taking the transmission out again. I must not get in a hurry, and I want it to be un-painful to take the traniie in and out.
    Its all good to be woking on the car! Assembly or dis-assembly, its all part of the process. :bglasses:
  12. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Ok, not much progress this weekend! I did buy some dot 4 brake fluid to use in the hydraulic clutch.
    I did work on a 401 Nailhead build- Tom Telesco Roller rocker installation. I had the heads milled for a little higher compression and the stock pushrods are just slightly long now. Carmen is sending me some shorter ones along with the oil pump and fuel pump eccentric.
    I'm getting the interior panels together to send out to SMS this week.
    Cheers :beers2:
  13. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    A couple lost weekends, but last weekend (dec1,2) was productive! My friend Doug is super handy and can weld, he brought these cool sheetmetal holders from Harbour Freight:


    Welded up one side:


    Down the other, now it looks more like it!


    Next step is to get the mig welder and finish it up. That will make it so I can install the transmission and concentrate on more assembly, like the brakes and clutch.
  14. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Here is the Impala pedal set up... I had to get these aluminium blocks made to take the place of the stamped steel bits that the Impala pedals would have mounted through- they have a nylon bushing.



  15. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Finally welded the floor last weekend.
    Trannie and engine were together for final hump hole location.
    Looks like I could have the trans in this weeek.
    I've had the driveshaft shortened but not enough. Back to the shop for that. Starting brakes soon too, I will not move car again without brakes!
  16. 65WILDKAT


    This just makes me feel like I have soooooooo Far to go! I wish I had a Nageltajhmal.........Ted it LOOKS GREAT!
    When you get it running and ready for the road you need to put a Video Clip up so all the rest of us Cat guys and Drooooool! Keep up the great work!:TU:
    Now I know I need to make my Wife understand why I need a good sized garage for the Winter months!!!!:rant: :rant:

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  17. WILD KAT

    WILD KAT Well-Known Member

    :TU: :TU: :TU: :TU: And what have I done the last year to my red one?!:Dou:

    I drag out my Coupe tommorrow and fix my brakes and carb!!!!!! :Smarty:
  18. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Hmm, not a lick of progress to report on Blackie.
    Relationships really can suck the Momentum out of a project.
    My birthday is coming up soon, last year at this time was my first attempt at jump starting this deal. Time to pull the starter cable again and
    get this bad animal on the road!
    :spank: enough :sleep: time to :3gears: and :beer
  19. 65_Riviera

    65_Riviera Active Member

    Cool project, I'm interested in seeing what you can pull down for gas mileage. I'm thinking about putting a t56 six speed behind the 425 in my 64 Riv.
  20. mygs462

    mygs462 Well-Known Member

    Cmon Ted get that baby running I wanna see more pics, I have a few projects if your garage is in need i can bring em down. :pray:

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