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Discussion in 'The Hides' started by Gulfgears, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Will 1978 14 X 6 Buick Regal rally wheels clear aftermarket disc brakes on a 1966 Skylark?

    Found a set but notice that almost all the aftermarket conversion kits say will not clear 15" wheels. Regals had front discs in 78 for sure, so that's why I'm asking.

  2. bammax

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    When it comes to aftermarket it all depends on the calipers. Rule of thumb was always that the wheels should be 3" bigger than the rotor size. The Regals and even the bigger cars used to run 10-11" rotors which would hold a 14" rim. If you have a 12" rotor than you need a 15" rim. Sometimes the rim needs to be even bigger if it tapers funny, and someimes you can sneak a smaller rim on if the caliper sits just right.
  3. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    Great' I think most a A body kits are 11" so they should clear.
  4. Tricolor72

    Tricolor72 Well-Known Member

    Curious about this myself! I want disc brakes but the initial $800 investment is enough without having to spend $800 for new 15" wheels and $400 for new tires
  5. SteeveeDee

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    If you can find a '70-'74 A-Body with discs, you can pillage it for all the parts you need for less than $800. And you won't need to change the wheels, since they all had 14 inchers to start with. I plundered a '72 Le Mans rust bucket to outfit my '68 Skylark. I think the first year for single piston calipers was '70, but might have been '69. I personally stay away from the 4-piston jobs, they're too much work.
  6. knucklebusted

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    The images did not post or I can't see them. If you use a stock rotor and caliper, it will clear a Buick 15" Buick wheel since they come like that. The trick is the hat height on the rotor. If it isn't at least as deep as a factory rotor, it will rub the inside of the wheel against the caliper. I ran into this problem with my rear brake rotors and calipers.

    There are plenty of pictures in my rear disc thread if you have any question about where it will rub if the rotors aren't deep enough.

  7. ancientx

    ancientx horn/antler&bone carver

    I'm thinking about onverting my 66Lark to discs all around and found this old dusty thread. Lol
    Unfortunately the thread you linked to "can't be found" when I tap on it.
    Would you care to share how you did it?
  8. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    Regarding GM wheel stamping and compatibility with spacing/back spacing requirements for disc brakes: the code "JJ" means that the wheels internal hub area dimensions are spaced for disc brake compatibility. If no "JJ", be careful and double check. There will be more stamping for different aspects ... like prod date, supplier, size, plant, etc., but "JJ" was specifically for disc brake compatibility.
  9. UNDERDOG350

    UNDERDOG350 350 Buick purestock racer

    Ken, JJ has nothing to do with disc brake compatibility. JJ is the tire retention bead type. JJ is a bead on both sides, JK is a bead only on 1 side. Since the double bead was mandated around 69 when they went to single piston calipers I can see why you would make that assumption. It's just a coincidence of the timing.

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