Wiring upgrades to the Regal

Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by Briz, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Briz

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    Seems like forever that the Regal has been down. When the engine spun a couple of rod bearings over a year ago I thought it would be down until maybe the first of 2019. Well here it is nearly 2020 and I still got 1/2 a complete engine on the stand in my shop. Still waiting on the heads / valves. Decided to do something to upgrade the car, make me feel as if its moving fwd and help reliability.
    Ripped out the stock dash, all the old wiring and started fresh. While I was in there stripped out the old column as well. Had to fab and weld in a front bar. then added a support for the lower part of the new dash. got some help from a local race car fab guy making up the new harness. Will locate all the electronics to a central location and add 4 relays. 1/2 the dash will be removable with zuse fittings for easy access. Sometimes I think I like working on the car better than driving it.

    NCM_0001.JPG NCM_0003.JPG KIMG0744[1].JPG KIMG0745[1].JPG KIMG0746[1].JPG KIMG0747[1].JPG
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    Same thing I feel with the Riviera! Glad to see some progress
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    Don't feel bad Briz, I have a car that's been on a rotisserie since 1994. I retire Feb 8 now all I need is energy.
  4. Briz

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    Finished today. Powered up the things I could without the engine in the car and all seemed to work as it should. Now all I need is a set of valves. Common Manley! KIMG0758.JPG KIMG0763.JPG KIMG0764.JPG KIMG0765.JPG
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    Nice work, Factory Fresh!!

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