Wrinkled basecoat

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    Also with any light metallic especially silver you'll want to do a dropcoat,.. pick the gun up to around 12in turn the psi up a touch and move faster but in a kinda more relaxed pace if that makes sense,..dont even watch what your doing really just move over it and let the metallic fall
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    What do you think of reduced epoxy as a sealer before the base?
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    Done it a thousand times,..no issue at all with that,..I reccomend it

    If it mixes 4:1 mix it 4:1:1 if its 4:1:1 go 4:1:2 same for 2:1 and the rare 1:1 like SPI
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    So I ran a few different scenarios on a hood scoop that had wrinkled.

    Bottom line is, it looks like my spray technique takes most of the blame. I laid the base too wet and too close.

    I got the best result by a light sand of the wrinkled part to level it out but not remove all the base. Then reprime/surface and sand 400 then 600. Then epoxy sealer. Then a coat of base laid per above advice. Great result. No wrinkle. No cracking. No visible sanding scratches.

    Next best was a light sand to smooth it, covered by just the epoxy sealer. Then the base sprayed as above. The sealer was enough to fill in most of the sanding scratches and cracks and voids. Base went on fine with no peeling cracking or wrinkling.

    The only 2 things that have changes are my spray technique and the weather.

    Relieved to have a direction to go.

    Thanks for all the help.
  5. techg8

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    Yep results are good.

    I laid the sealer and let it sit overnight.

    Just shot 3 coats of base followed by 2 of clear, and everything looks good.

    Painting really is one of those things I'd need to do a lot to be good at it. Lots of feel involved in how one sprays. I got progressively better as I went along.

    One area on the left rear quarter I was squeezed up against the garage wall and got too close on the last coat of clear so it ran a little.

    But overall happy it looks good.

    I still need to do the wing and scoop, so there's more practice for me!

    Thanks again.
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    Pics arnt loading.. :)
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    My guess is 3. Primer was still soft due to insufficient activator Also due to cool temps and heavy hand.... Several things together was most likely the cause...

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