Yet another moulding mount question (72 GS rockers)

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by SamboraRocks, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. SamboraRocks

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    Hi all,

    I'm getting ready to install the rocker moulding on my 72 GS. I bought the mounting hardware kit from YO. All of the 'disks' mounted like a champ. Since the fenders have been patched they have no holes in them for the steel strip that goes on them so I can't 'match up' the holes. The strips that came with the kit seem to be too long. When I hold them up to the fender the extend from the rear of the front wheel opening all the way back to where the disks start under the door. Is this correct of do they need to be cut shorter ? Anyone have a pic of an original mounting setup ?

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    Harry -- I have both--if no one answers I will measure the orig's and the YOne repros--I remember the YOne pair being the right length. If you are concerned--ie thinking they should only mount on the fender and not on BOTH THE FENDER AND ROCKER--then don't be concerned..they do extend across the gap b/n the two and run down the rocker towards the back quite a ways.

    I can measure holes and lengths of both my orig strips and the YOne repros and call you later. Patton
  3. SamboraRocks

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    Thanks, yes I did think that they were not supposed to extend to under the door. I can't seem to get the existing holes in the rocker panel to line up (there are no holes in the fender right now) with the strips. If you could get the measurements from the first 'disc' type mounting forward to where the strip starts that would be great. Also how many of the disc type mountings are on each side of yours ? If I use all of the 'discs' that came with the kit the metal strip overlaps the first one :Do No:

    I'll post a pic of what mine looks like tonight. Maybe I'm just not understanding how the strips mount :confused:


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