You're the Dynaflow Doctor Manual - Free PDF - Public Domain

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    Welp, after confirming "You're the Dynaflow Doctor" is in fact public domain, I spent a good two hours scanning it in and cleaning it up digitally. I have a high-resolution color copy that's too large to post here (150MB) and this grayscale version at 6MB. It's not a pristine copy but is readable. I've included the test selector quadrant template between pages 32 and 33 since that's where it is called out in the manual. I hope my efforts will help someone down the road, but the manual is at the very least an interesting read.

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  2. LARRY70GS

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    Awesome, downloaded for future reference. Thanks.
  3. Dan Hach

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    Thanks for that. The world needs more heroes like you.
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    Thank you for your work on our behalf. It is appreciated by many.

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