New Garage Comments

  1. Robin Cook
    That’s a very nice car, looks like same one I restored, did u buy it recently in the Toronto area?
  2. Michael_G
    She's a beauty. It takes time...and you don't want her finished too fast... ;-) What is under the hood? How's the interior coming along? Look forward to see the transformation... -MIG
  3. Chi-Town67
    Looks great so far Matt...can't wait to see it finished!
  4. FLGS400
  5. Michael_G
    Gorgeous! Had her long? -MIG
  6. Michael_G
    Cool cool! What is your restoration plan? -MIG
  7. RoseBud68
    Looks like a project aright...
  8. RoseBud68
    Very clean looking Riv....
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