‘68/‘69 hoods and trunk lids

Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by Lars GS, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Lars GS

    Lars GS Silver level member

    Can someone tell me how to tell what year a hood and trunk lid are for a ‘68 / ‘69 Skylark?....Lars
  2. Lars GS

    Lars GS Silver level member

    Any differences in the 2 years?
  3. Max Damage

    Max Damage Well-Known Member

    I think they are the same in '68 and '69. Skylark had a single piece of chrome trim in the middle of the hood if I recall correctly? Here's one from Desert Valley autoparts.

    '68 GS hood is the same with different trim and the fake cowl duct. '69 GS get the bulge and fake induction intake.

  4. Lars GS

    Lars GS Silver level member

    Hey Max! I bought a Skylark hood and trunk lid off a guy and he didn’t know what year they were. I’m more of a ‘70-‘72 GS guy, so I’m not up on all the differences in ‘68/‘69. Thanks man!...Lars
  5. gsfred

    gsfred Founders Club Member

    I think the trunks are basically the same except that the trim on them is different. I know alot of 68's had the 2 stainless strips running down the center, and buick letters. GS's had the GS350 or GS400 at the bottom of the stainless pieces. 69's had a pot metal piece that ran across the bottom. Skylark one had BUICK in the center, and GS's did not.
  6. Lars GS

    Lars GS Silver level member

    Ok Fred! So the trunk lid must be a ‘69 because it doesnt have the strips running down the center and someone robbed the bottom pot metal piece. And the hood is from the same car. Thanks for the info sir!... Lars

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