1941 Buick Super Convertible

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    I truly love this car ! It's got every original piece of paper work from day one, probably the most documented car I have ever owned.. This car earned it's AACA grand national senior award in 1997-19998 and just won the first place blue ribbon award at the Hemming's Concours D'elegance (Lake George New York) Sept 2019..
    I have not touched up this car since its restoration , the chrome ,paint, interior is 20 + years old..
    The floors are body color ,the frame. .. everything detailed ... Runs and drives on center.. compound carbs are a first for Buick ( work beautifully )
    I realize "40's cars have fallen from grace and this is probably not the right venue for this car...
    At one time i was offered 100k for this car (the car was at my shop and I did not own the car at that time).. now i'm asking 60k or best offer !.....
    Things do change, the gentleman who offered me 100k is no longer with us..
    I'm older as well.. The hobby changed.. what was desirable 20 years ago, is not now !
    Muscle cars will always be worth something (hopefully) but that market really will adjust as we get older as well.
    My Stage 1 convert is almost finished , Its a really nice car and god willing i'll stay healthy enough to drive it another 20 years....
    The add is free .. this forum has always been helpful .. Maybe someone here will give my Buick a new home.
    Contact number 203-788-1745..

    Thanks again,

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    Thank you Bill... I appreciate the comment.. I have always liked cars from the 40's no matter what brand. It's to bad they have fallen from favor.
    In the day, there were rows of them at every large show.. today not so many...

    Best holiday wish's to all............ Frank.
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