1956 Century newbie...looking for good sources (parts and info) and an interior question

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by redapache59, May 1, 2021.

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    I have finally joined team Buick! I've been on the lookout for a 1956 Century for about 15 years and after some very, very near misses; I have gotten my car! It's a mostly original car as far a body and paint go. The short story is car was found in central valley in Cali about 13 years ago having last run in the 68...26,000 miles. The gentleman I bought it from got it going (engine/gas tank/transmission/brakes) and drove it to some local events. He said he put about 1000 miles on it in his ownership.

    My first question is concerning the interior seats. I found a online copy of the trim book but the seat in the car don't quite match what I can find in the book but the material and colors do match the trim tag. 634. Black and white cordovan. I would expect from my very limited knowledge that the seats would have the X pillow pattern with a center button on the seat back top (like the door panels). Are these original type or replacement of some kind? The last owner did not replace the seats and assumed they were the originals. Pictured are the door panels front seats and an example of the X pillow pattern I'm talking about.

    My go to source as been hometownbuick.com, are there others I should be looking at?
    What is you go to source for parts?

    I'll post a in the hello section shortly!

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    Congratulations and great looking Buick! Not sure on the car seat question, but if you do end up needing material I would suggest calling SMS auto fabrics, they had the exact original material for my 66 when I had my seats re done.

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    Nice car. Central valley is a good place for 'em. Doesn't rain.
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    '56 Century is a nice catch! The '56 had the hottest of the 322s, and exhaust manifolds that were essentially cast-iron headers. '56 also went back to oleo rear shocks as opposed to the lever-action (Houdaille) shocks used in most postwar Buicks. most body parts will swap with the Century and Special of '55 although the grille is different. I purposely used the word swap because the front clips will fit, but they are different. '55 Taillights will also swap with '56 but are different in appearance.

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