**1961 Buick vs 1963 Riviera 9 3/8 swap**

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    Hi all, I recently had a question about a '63 Riv posi chunk I have for sale and why it won't work, easily, in my '61 LeSabre..well here it goes.
    First the axles are totally different. '61 has 33 splines, a larger outside axle bearing, inside and out, and where it rides in the "bushing" that holds the carrier in place is thicker than the '63+ 30 spine axles. Look close at the spider gear difference but interchange in the carrier. There is an over the top photo of the 33 over the 30. 20200817_171006.jpg 20200817_170938.jpg 20200817_170906.jpg

    Next the big '61/62 and maybe back to '56 is 33 spline won't fit through the 30 spline carrier bushing. Unless some machine work and new bronze idler bushing could be fitted for the inner axle.
    20200817_170346.jpg 20200817_170332.jpg 20200817_170533.jpg 20200817_170525.jpg

    Also was asked about the non-interchange of the ring & pinion. All the bearings are larger on the '61. I did not want to take all this stuff apart but externally the difference is there. I also looked at Rockauto and compared the bearings..different again.....
    20200817_172634.jpg 20200817_172559.jpg

    Hope this helps in the struggle..Nick

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    You could maybe 20200817_170141.jpg 20200817_171357.jpg machine the 63+ carrier for the 61 race & bearing..

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    Hope this make sense..ha! If anybody has anything to chime in on this it would be greatly appreciated!!

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