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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by foofer, Dec 23, 2013.

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    1217131452-00.jpg This is a repost of a prior post I posted in the wrong section. I apologize for the clutter. Here's my issue. I bought this car for my Army buddy and spent a few weeks doing general maintenance, repair, etc on it. I went to drive it to him and the yoke started to wobble at the third member. I promised the young man a cool driveable car and now it isnt. I'm on the line to make good on my offer. I've pulled the member and I see chatter on the carriage. My knowledge of this issue stops here. I've gone further into this car than I ever have any other car simply to try and save face, learn something, and save money. I'm a bit freaked out. The car is jacked up, wheels off, axles out, third member removed, and I'm on the dance floor. I've got the nads to continue, but I need some help guys. What do I do now.? The pinion itself doesn't look torn up, and neighter does the ring gear, although the pinion is loose. Do I replace the carriage, the carriage bearings, the pinion, pinion bearings, crush sleave and seal, help..! Thanks for any advice.[​IMG] Any information you could give me on the identification of the third member to assist me in finding parts would be great.
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    OK well as long as the parts seem ok...DO NOT tear this apart. Lots of special tools needed IF the carrier shafts are stubborn ...ANYWAY try to just tighten the nut up by hand with a pipe wrench holding the yoke. use a 1/2 ratchet and tighten as much as you can ad I am certain you will not be able to crush the sleeve any further anyway...NOW after you get it tight turn and feel the movement spinning . IF it is smooth your good put a dial indicator on the ring tooth and check backlash .007-.010 will be good YOU MAY experience a bind ...you need to find out if that is the BEARING or the pinion crown (pinion crown could have gotten smashed into the posi carrier body enough to affect the engagement and disengagement of the hypoid teeth twist in and through the teeth faces. ) If this is the case you will need to disassemble and clean the flashing of damage with a die grinder etc.

    If you do not understand something or seems like i left out a step let me know...Things that are clear in my head may not come out on the thread that way. :) Jim
    J D
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    Thank you Jim for your reply. I followed along. The pinion seal was leaking, and the pumpkin was dry. I had wanted to replace the seal. Is there any fix for this without removing the pinion. I need to drive the car about 500 miles and then at that point it can be parked and sold if need be.The car was bought to be a weekend driver for my Army buddy but if the pumpkin is going to be a constant problem maybe we could sell it after I deliver it and pass the buck to somebody else. Id prefer to fix it though. I'm not a guy who trys to pass problems on to somebody else. Any suggestions?

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    well- It would be much better to replace that seal. YOU can remove the nut - and see if the yoke taps off with some tapping with a hammer and some brass spin and tap spin and tap should slide off and MIGHT take some time....
    After that you will have access to remove the old pinion seal. - Take a screw driver and small hammer and see if you can pry the old seal out TRY HARD NOT TOO gouge the casting where the seal will seat. IF you do have to stick and pry do it at the top of the casting as it is less likely to leak there from a casting gouge by the screw driver wedge.

    OK now clean that ID surface area where the seal was pressed at from debris... Next take the NEW seal and apply sealant around the outside diameter of the metal and also apply grease to the rubber lips of the seal - IF you have a LARGE metal cylinder the same diameter of the seal outer edge and is deep enough to go over the pinion stem sticking out of the housing this will make it MUCH easier to install the seal equal pressure around the diameter of the seal tapping it in.

    IF NOT then try to tap little by little across each side applying pressure to the opposite side to prevent the seal from popping out until it start to seat into the housing. THIS IS TRICKY.

    NOW reinstall the yoke careful not to catch the seal rubber lip (should slide in easy with the grease you applied earlier. reinstall the washer and the nut and tighten the best you can again. THEN finally stake the nut with a steel pointed punch in a few spots where the nut meets the thread of the pinion shaft. THIS will prevent the nut from backing off again.

    The seal number will be 8620N or 2043 pretty sure it is the 8620N
    Good luck, Jim
    J D

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