1964 Buick LeSabre for sale

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    PXL_20210405_172526207.jpg PXL_20210405_172115863.jpg PXL_20210405_172234977.jpg PXL_20210405_172123213.jpg For Sale: 1964 Buick Lesabre- All original! Only 31,000 miles, optional 355 wildcat, high compression engine. First year turbo 400 transmission. Rust free, like new condition, in & out. Beautiful original low mileage car. $14,500. Please Call, Middletown, Connecticut: (860) 347-9577 - landline, NO text messages.

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    Sounds like a nice car. More info will help your sale. Pictures? Color combo? Two or four door? Convertible?
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    Location? Location should be part of the description
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    860 area code is CT. Also ST400 was never behind the 300. It would have a ST300. Starting in 66, the ST4oo was available in the LeSabre 400 (for 400 trans) behind the 340 engine.
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    It was a factory option, 355 wildcat engine which is a high compression 4 barrel engine-300 cubic inch. The transmission is a turbine/turbo 400 which was only listed as an option for the 355 wildcat engine. If you have any questions, feel free to call.
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    The ST400 became available in the LeSabre mid model year.

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