1964 Wildcat w/Factory 4 Spd production numbers

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  1. Les Jones

    Les Jones New Member

    1964 Wildcat, how many were produced with 4 speed manual transmission, 425ci Dual 4BBL.....back in the late 1970's I wrote to BUICK and they couldn't answer my question....
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  2. 64 wildcat conv

    64 wildcat conv Silver Level contributor

    I don't know if there were records kept, but the number of dual quad, 4 speed Wildcats made in 1964 is very low, possibly single digits. Somehow I suspect there are more that exist now than were built by Buick in 1964. ;)
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  3. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    According to the Daily Production Reports from Buick in 1964
    Cars with 4-speeds -623 4600 chassis which includes
    14 Wagons
    56 4-doors
    354 Coupes
    199 Convertibles.
    Dual quad 4-speeds break down like
    2 Wagons
    7 4-doors
    114 Coupes
    53 Convertibles.
    These reports are available from the Sloan Museum research section. They are moving the archives and will re-open later this year.
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  4. Les Jones

    Les Jones New Member

    Thank you Ted, I'll check the Sloan Report records, Les
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  5. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    You are welcome! When they reopen I will be asking for the copies of the 63 reports on the Wildcats...
  6. Wildcat GS

    Wildcat GS Wildcat GS

    More coupes in `64 as compared to `65, 114 versus 65 ?
  7. 6769RIV

    6769RIV Platinum Level Contributor

    Dual quad, 4-speed wagon. Now that would be very, very cool...:cool:

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