1965 buick riviera w/401 parting out original condition car

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by lindaledft, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    This car was owned by a old lady whose husband had owned a gas station and was well maintained w/ oil changes car is all complete this car will be parted out call me at 631 691 8760 or email me at lindaledft@hotmail.com can anyone help me with getting a picture of car up,car is located in amityville ,long island n.y.
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  2. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    In line for the headlight motor and brackets
  3. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Also interested in the bumpers
  4. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    will look at brackets to see condition ,headlight motor is not avaliable,all bumpers are clean
  5. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    interested in the steering wheel
  6. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    can send you a pic of wheel ,its black,just email me
  7. dorcheat

    dorcheat Silver Level contributor

    Check to see if this Riv has the four note horn. If it does, I am interested and place me in line for the big trumpet horn and the D note snail shell horn.
  8. bigtorque5

    bigtorque5 Well-Known Member

    need the barrel lock for the trunk,thanks
  9. Rivdrivn

    Rivdrivn Driving a Riv for 40 years

    I need most of the chrome pieces if nice and not pitted, perhaps a front brake drum too. Where is the car located?
  10. 65skylark300

    65skylark300 Silver Level contributor

    I would be interested in engine and possibly the trans, how much for the engine and for both? where are ya located?
  11. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    car is on long island,ny

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    interior or exterior chrome ?,front drums are aluminum ,i will only sell as a pair,

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    i have it w/key, works fine 25.00 shipped

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    amityville ,long island ,n.y.

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    i only see the snail horns x2 and they work fine,still interested
  12. 65gs76limited

    65gs76limited Well-Known Member

    Clam shells,trim around clam shells and interior chrome if it has deluxe interior. Tom
  13. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    headlight trim - one has pits the other one is faded and thinning on chrome,interior chrome i have 4 pieces p/s a- pillar ,small corner piece and two rear 1/4 slants they are decent but not mint door top chrome is rusty,i can send pics ,35.00 for all 4 pieces plus shipping
  14. dorcheat

    dorcheat Silver Level contributor

    Thank you very much looking. I was hoping :pray: for the optional and additional two horns that Buick offered. One is the quite obvious trumpet horn that blows a C note while the other is a snail shell horn that blows a D note.
  15. Rivdrivn

    Rivdrivn Driving a Riv for 40 years

    Exterior chrome needed if it is shiny and not pitted: Top rear quarters (sail panel area), top rear under the window, bumper guards and maybe a clam shell trim. Too far to pick up the drums and shipping would be a killer. Thanks.
  16. lindaledft

    lindaledft Member

    all those are in poor shape ,
  17. nastycanasta

    nastycanasta Member

    I need the complete door jamb light switches that go in the holes in the doors and get hooked up to the 3 wires




    Also do you have the wiring harness for the 4 window switch cluster on the armrest


  18. nastycanasta

    nastycanasta Member

    Do you have the ignition/turn signal switch in this pic?


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