1965 Riviera for sale

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by vektro, Aug 20, 2020.

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    65 Riviera with deluxe interior, mostly original except exhaust( magma flow). Car has GS springs, and Bilstein shocks. Upgraded 1 1/4 in sway bar, and poly bushings. Lights work fine, all interior lights work. A/C works. Has a scrape on passenger door and a few nicks. No real dents. 77,500 original miles. Car comes with set of 4 other tires with wider whitewalls, car cover, some Riviera emblems, and three oem fan belts. Located just outside of St. Louis. Asking $23,500 obo

    Steve Pm me for more details




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    Very nice car! As a suggestion, you may want to consider posting your ad on v8buuck.com as well. There are a number Riviera guys who frequent the site.

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    Nice Riviera ! Should sell quickly.
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    Car has been sold. Thanks for the interest.
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