1965 Skylark Unicorn?

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by tangouniform, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. tangouniform

    tangouniform New Member

    I have a 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible that is very perplexing:

    Wildcat 375 motor (340) with a 4 speed manual. I can't find any evidence that one could exist in 1965 since the 340 didn't show up until 1966.

    I am taking pics of the VIN and cowl tag tomorrow but I was curious if anyone has heard of such a beast?

    It appears to have been Astro Blue with Ivory buckets. It doesn't appear as if there is a stub where an auto trans would be on the column. The 4 speed actually looks correct (not the hurst shifter). The engine looks to be of the same vintage as the rest of the car and look very correct (though the air cleaner inlet tube doesn't EXACTLY match).

    Also has air conditioning but other than that I don't know all the options.

    So, it is in very rough shape, been sitting years and needs a LOT of work - probably a parts donor car and a lot of work to get it in decent shape. It was purchased over 25 years ago by my uncle on a used car lot.

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  2. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    That's a 67 340
  3. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Pretty sure a four speed was available behind the 300. I’m not sure if the ‘65 four barrel 300 had aluminum heads and higher compression than the two barrel 300 (64s did), but it wouldn’t surprise me if the original engine had a premature death and hot replaced by a 340. They were plentiful. My first old Buick was a ‘64 Skylark convertible with a two barrel 300 and ST300. It went south in ‘88 and I swapped in a 340-2, then later swapped on an AFB and matching intake. By the late ‘90s it was all equally grungy underhood.
  4. tangouniform

    tangouniform New Member

    Good point Patrick. I hadn't counted on the 340 replacement - it would make more sense than a 401 replacement as I am sure it would have been easier.

    Keith - that would probably lend credence to what Patrick is saying - that it was a replacement and it may have had a 300 4 speed previously.

    I should know in the next 24 hours based on the cowl tag. Thanks for the response.
  5. tangouniform

    tangouniform New Member

    What designates it a 67 vs. a 66? I don't know enough about the subtle year changes.
  6. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    the shape of the valve covers
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  7. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    I had a 66 340 in my 64 Special 4 speed for a while, a 340 is a bolt in replacement for a 300, a 401/425 conversion would be a much more difficult engine change, mounts, bell housing, exhaust, flywheel are all different. All the 340s, 66 and 67, valve covers are the same, the 300 had that style valve cover in 67 only. 64 was the only year for aluminum heads, the cast iron heads used from 65 to 67, 300 and 340, had bigger ports and valves then the aluminum heads, same compression ratio.
  8. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    IIRC, there was a slight difference between the 66 and 67 valve covers....maybe a welded on tab for the plug wire retainer?
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  9. 64 skylark mike

    64 skylark mike Well-Known Member

    The air cleaner inlet tube is like the '64 style.
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  10. jmos4

    jmos4 Well-Known Member


    It looks to have a newer PS pump, kinda rare if it's a factory 4 speed and AC drop top, can you post the trim tag

    Are you parting it out or getting parts for a project?

    Should have a 3.23 rear gear as well

  11. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Heck, with the top off and the hood opened, all the hard work is done.
    Fix that puppy up and drive it!

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