1966 Buick Electra 2 door hardtop

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  1. lwdwn1

    lwdwn1 Active Member

    1966 Buick Electra
    401 Nailhead
    Auto tranny
    Runs great
    New master cylinder
    New brake booster
    Tilt Column
    Power locks
    Power windows
    Power bench
    AC car. Still working
    All trim
    Only rust in trunk pan
    Clean title

    Price drop

    Inbox me
    Located in socal

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  2. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    If only...

    If only I lived closer, I'd probably buy it. As it stands, shipping to Canada is prohibitive.
    If only I had money, I would probably buy it. The Cdn dollar is slipping fast, and this puts it into the $4 K Canadian territory which is just too much.
    Unfortunately, I'm far away and no one wants my little dollarettes anyway, so I'm out.

    That would make a nice highway cruiser when it's all fixed up.
  3. lwdwn1

    lwdwn1 Active Member

    im entertaining offers so let me know.
  4. lwdwn1

    lwdwn1 Active Member

    Price drop $2800 obo

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