1966 Buick Riviera w/ Floor Shifter

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    *Sold for $3,000* Located in Long Beach, Ca. Asking $3,000 OBO. Not Running. 1966 Buick Riviera GS 425 Big Block. Floor Shifter. Videos of the car can be found on YouTube @ "1966 Buick Riviera GS Crank No Start" I have been trying to get it started since 7/25/2020. Pink in Hand, not registered. It's out of the system, will need to be verified at the DMV. I have put in a New 3 Row Aluminum Radiator with dual fans, has a Holley Carb, New HEI, New Spark Plugs, Performance Plug wires, New High Torque Starter, Chrome Air Cleaner, Comes with A/C (Not Working), New Ignition, new door, trunk, and glove box lock cylinders, Electric Fuel Pump. And still won't start. Heads and intake are back on with new gaskets. Comes with Passenger and driver side Floor Pans made specifically this car. Screenshot_20201018-172715.jpg Screenshot_20201018-172659.jpg Screenshot_20201018-172715.jpg Screenshot_20201018-172659.jpg

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    Sorry bout that. Asking $3,000. Open to offers. I'll update
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    This is how Millennials sell cars nowadays.
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    Enjoy. Thank you
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    Good thing that you removed the pics with your ID, better be safe than sorry!
    (I will remove mine as well...)

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