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    I recently purchased a one owner 1966 Buick Special convertible from a GM dealer in Leitchfield,Ky. Although not the same car it is virtually identical to the car I courted my now wife in 52 years ago. The car is original (48k miles) with the exception of a repaint about four years ago. I am not particularly mechanically adept but want to restore and/or replace components that would reduce the likelihood of a on the road breakdown. Could you recommend a repair/restoration manual that would provide some guidance? I’m new to this game, but anxious to learn something new at 70 years of age. Your recommendations would be much appreciated.
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    Welcome! sounds like you found a great car to enjoy restoring and building great memories. If your looking for reference material I would start with the GM chassis maintenance manual for your 66 car; it will be your friend and go to for virtually all service information, specifications, tools required and facts about the car. I would start with the first section on general maintenance and tune up and go from there. When ever I get into a car for the first time , I find it best to just do the basics first , oil/fluid changes and seal up leaking gaskets ,etc. You will learn a great deal about your car and also which repairs are probably beyond your ability or desire. The forum on this site will be a great place to search for repair/replacement tips and techniques to help with areas where you have questions.

    Good luck and let us know how your doing ; maybe some pictures of the new ride!?
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    Welcome from another '66 Special owner! As John suggested, get the 1966 Buick chassis service manual, plus the 1966 Body by Fisher Body Service manual which includes folding top, seats, exterior moldings, electrical, doors, etc. for all GM vehicles that Fisher made. Can be most useful if you plan to take part & put stuff back together. Kind of goes hand-in-hand with the chassis manual. Sometimes you can see them in the For Sale forum; or post in the Parts Wanted section for what you need.

    I would recommend you repost your introduction in either Wet Behind The Ears or Members Rides as it will get more exposure. Please feel free to post some pics and include your name and area where you're located. You'll find this to be a most helpful group. One of the moderators might could move this post to the appropriate forum for you...
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    Welcome! Road trip in a 66 Buick sounds like a great idea!

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