1967 Buick A Body with Special and Skylark Emblems

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by EM, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Okay, so my Grandmother bought a 1967 Special in that year, just a simple coupe with the hardtop convertible (not removable) and a 300 2 barrel.

    It has a Skylark emblem on the trunk, along with the normal Special emblems around the body.

    My Dad's urban (maybe?) legend is that she put extra springs in the seats (a taxi option...), and increased the suspension components/differential that the dealer was obliged to make it a hybrid Special +Skylark.

    Dead (Happy Halloween!) these occur out of the factory and its Skylark weirdness a big lie? Or is it true that if you added enough to a custom order on a Special that you get the dealer adding an additional Skylark badge.

    Let me know this spooky story on this monster (baby) hybrid!

    It's still in the family.


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