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    1967 GS 400 Parts Needed:

    1. Radiator top support cover (the part that supports upper radiator and bolts into the core support).

    2. The linkage bracket that goes from the firewall to the carburetor linkage. (My old 300 engine linkage is too
    short; not high enough & is too low of an angle).

    Please let me know if you have any of these parts and pics if possible and price.



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    For the radiator top support cover, there are 2 different versions. One is made for a narrow radiator (usually a small block with no A/C, the other is made for a radiator with wider tanks big block cars or those with HD cooling or A/C.

    I'll post a reference photo later to illustrate the difference.
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    My car (Skylark) originally had a 300 engine with AC and a 3-core radiator. Using the top cover I have will not work as it pushes the cover too far forward, so the hood will not close. The radiator core support has two positions to place the radiator, with two sets of holes so it can be placed forward to accommodate the fatter radiator. I guess the GS 400 had a 4-core radiator. Please advise.

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    I don't think that's correct. I've got a 66 special that had a 300 with a c and the radiator top plate doesn't interfere in the slightest bit with the hood release or the front of the hood with a four row radiator. It's my understanding the biggest radiator from the factory was a 3-row but I'm not positive.
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    I agree only 3 core on 67 GS400s even with AC.
    HERE ARE PICTURES OF rad. Covers GS 1 IS FOR BIGGER RADIATOR and 1 for smaller radiator
    You see the only difference is at rubber supports are bigger for the 3 core radiator

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    I actually needed the linkage that goes from the item shown to the carburetor linkage.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Thanks you for posting these photos, you saved me a few minutes.
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    Johnl- PM sent

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