1967 Special 300 Vs 1989 Pontiac T/A GTA

Discussion in 'Kill Stories (Where Hemis Never Win)' started by 72Custom350, Jul 17, 2022.

  1. 72Custom350

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    While I was home on leave a couple weeks ago my buddy was talking how he had some work done (timing set and fuel pressure regulator replaced) on his 1989 GTA, L98 350 car that his dad bought new, has aftermarket exhaust and that's about it. He kept going on how fast it is now. Well, I had about enough of him going on and on about how fast it is, so I said I bet my 1967 Special 300 with a 3 speed manual on the column is faster. My 67 has 23k original miles, 1965 intake with Edelbrock 500 carb, Petronix Igniter 2 distributer and coil, 2.25" dual exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers and a thermal clutch fan. We both agreed to go from a 10mph roll, my 205/75/14 don't hook from a stop anyways, I waited for him to go first. The GTA jumped out about a car length and my Buick started reeling him in very quickly, by the time I hit 2nd and laid rubber doing so, shifted around 4,800-5,000 rpm to stay in the low torque Buick's are known for, I was past him and walking away. I knew I had some advantages on him, the 700R-4 is never good from a stop or low roll with the huge 1-2 shift rpm drop, also my special probably weighs 200-300 lbs less being his GTA is fully loaded, leather, power everything. He claimed his GTA has 3.42's, my Buick has 3.23's, what really helped me was the column shifter is in perfect order and tight so I can shift it correctly. He was amazed at what the Buick could do, He hasn't beaten a Buick of mine yet, A couple years ago he raced my 72 Skylark 350/4bbl car against his 1960 Ford F100 with a 292 and a stick.
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    Good job on keeping the Buick name High.My first new car was a 67 Bick Special with the 300 and auto.My first Buick was a 1950 Buick Special,with a straight 8 ,.That was in 1957.
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  3. PatricksBuick

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    Go 67s go
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  4. Fox's Den

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    My brother and I was racing a RS Camaro from the 80's With our 1970 6cyl Nova and we beat the crap out of im 3 times He had the 305 motor but we only had a straight 6 lol
    Good Job with the Buick little 300 motor takes out 350 GTA Great!
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    300s are way under rated. I could beat every Mustang in town with my 64 Special except the HY-POs. My car weighed 2950.
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    I had my 67 on the dyno when I first got it, it was stock but had dual exhaust with walker mufflers and the mechanical 4 blade fan, it made 155hp and 255tq at the wheels through the 3 speed saginaw. I've been trying to find out what these post cars weigh, mine is manual steering, manual brakes, was factory AC but deleted it for when I go with a Vintage Air system. I know they cant weigh the 3400lbs the internet says.
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    My 64 had aluminum heads and intake, the T10 was also all aluminum. I would guess, you're around 3,100, no more than 3,200.
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    Impressive win!
    I remember the 350 GTA's being around a 14.6 1/4 car..

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