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    I don't have the required books to decode this car. I've got 1970-72 stuff. Current owners Mom bought it new. He's thinking of selling and wants to find a good home.


    ST 67-43669 F01553 BDY
    TR 134 HC PNT
    B70I 200039

    I know it's nothing special but it is all original and unrestored, so it has some value to it. He says it run and drives. I haven't see the car in person. Supposed to have about 80K on it. And I suppose a guess about current value would good too.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance

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    I went and looked at the car. It was at night after work and not in a place where I could get good pictures anyway. However, I did confirm a couple of things that answer some questions. !) it is a 340-4v car, it is a 2-speed automatic transmission and it is indeed a low mileage original car with no visible rust on the body panels. The topside is in great shape. I suspect the bottom is in similar shape. So what is a reasonable price for a original unmolested low mileage car that has been in the same family since new? I'd give a #3 on the 0 to 6 scale or a 2- on the 1 to 5 scale.
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    I will post the contact info in the parts and cars for sale leads tomorrow.

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