1968 Riviera GS(?) $1200

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  1. 1972Mach1

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    1968 Buick Riveria GS - $1,200
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    First Time Listed on Craigslist!!
    This was a facebook add shared with some car friends... Read along...its kinda fun

    Last chance on the 68 Buick Riviera GS! I had some keys made...got the trunk open..no Jimmy Hoffa or a treasure chest of gold. ‍♂️ Haven't gotten to mess with motor yet to see if it'll turn over. The car is very complete and I believe with some effort it would run...no obvious reason it wouldn't.
    I have some other stuff coming up, so this one needs to go now. I have state patrol inspection papers for the car to make you friends with the dmv to get a title, (car has sat for Years and title was lost).
    I even put new tires on it! Too good of a car to just let sit, someone Needs a project! No snow on the ground, so I will Re-Inact the Free delivery in the Spokane area with purchase through this weekend.
    After that, I'll just set it aside for awhile and mess with it when I get time.

    Buy this classic Today for $1200.00!

    Crazy good deal on a cool factory custom car. Very solid, great project, original Rivera GS (one of less than 5500!) 430 motor, auto trans, power windows, power seats, tinted glass, power steering, power brakes, a/c, tilt, am/fm radio AND an 8 track player!!! Car was originally Gold, has had one repaint Years Ago. Door jams still the correct color.

    Why do I still own this one!?!?
    Time to go....and again for any needed insperation... Some added pics of it with an Adjusted Ride Height.
    Call today, and you can also get the clip on MOON disc type hub caps for free with the car purchase, just pay an additional shipping fee

    Call,Text,email 509-362-7two37
  2. 6769RIV

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    Imagine the smell.
    Looks like the real deal though; the GS letters appear to have been there at least as long as the Riviera ones:
  3. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Little suspect. Why is the GS emblem lower than the Riviera letters. They should be on the same line. And the GS emblem is crooked
  4. 6769RIV

    6769RIV Platinum Level Contributor

    The I's look off too. He does mention an older repaint. Still, $1200 for a car this shape seems awfully cheap even without a title.
  5. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    IF it’s a GS, the rear’s worth his asking.
  6. 66electrafied

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    $1200 for a complete 52 year old car is a steal, provided it has all of it's parts and there isn't a con-rod sticking out. It's likely not a GS, but with a little effort likely could be made into an acceptable clone.
    I'm not sure about that interior fabric though, what happened there...
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  7. OHC JOE

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    My wife is lucky we don't live near that area;)
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  8. 1972Mach1

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    I know a guy.....
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  9. 1972Mach1

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    He even has ONE off street parking spot open......
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  10. Ken Adams

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    I had a 68 Riv GS years ago and it had front bucket seats. Did they also come with front bench seat?
  11. JoeBlog

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    It does have a somewhat chrome air cleaner lid, and the A/C pulley looks to be the right size, so I’d be on the side of it being a real GS. But that seat isn’t original; it doesn’t look like it ever had buckets either (the 8-track player looks like it’s been there a while. Wouldn’t the column shifter would indicate a bench seat from birth? I’ve never seen a 68 Riv with a shorty console.
  12. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

    Nice car. I remember my friends having these.
    They were cheap in early 80s. What a sin how they ended up. Had no idea......
  13. bostoncat68

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    Heck the wire wheel covers would sell for $200 so it's a grand....

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