1968 Wildcat radiator / fan / fan clutch

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    So this was the scene at my place today. Project Wildcat is go, at long last (delayed by Covid issues, kids' college fee issue, yada yada) ...

    Car never ran cool enough. I've been reading up and wading through countless posts on radiators and fans in the archives here over the course of this year, and TBH I may have overdosed on info. So to cut it back to basics, three questions:

    RADIATOR: I'm aiming to re-use the original radiator and will be taking it to a local specialist for a health check. I suspect it has never had one. If it needs recoring, should it be done to stock spec, or is there an improvement that can be built into the original body?

    FAN: I have a car with no air con (now). I am tossing in the trash two small electric fans that were unshrouded, and have sourced this original 20inch 5-blade fan with matching shroud. Research tells me the 5-blade fan was for AC Wildcats, 4-blade was for non-AC. Is there any issue with running an original 5-blade Wildcat fan in a non-AC car?



    FAN CLUTCH: can someone please give me a part number for a fan clutch for this 5 blade fan. Is this the original one on it?

    Thanks. Plenty more questions to follow, i am sure.
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    (1). If your tanks are big enough you should be able to put a four core tank in. I know the universal four row (chevelle type) radiators fit a Wildcat, (I test fit one from my GS in my ‘68 ‘Cat, and it’s likely you’d need to trim the rubber insulators and adapt a little) so an aftermarket aluminum equivalent (two thicker rows vs. four narrower due to aluminum being a different metal) should fit.
    (2) There is no downside to running AC cooling parts on a non AC car; part numbers for the fan clutch should be the same as ‘68-72 GS. Hayden makes a good HD clutch, sort of an equivalent to the Stage 1 factory clutch. I don’t have the number right now but someone likely will post them. I think Hayden 2747 is a common choice.
    I miss my ‘68.

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    How have you made out with this Dave? On my 67 Electra, I had the original radiator recored many years ago with the original style core, and have never had an overheating issue. I do have AC, so I have the shroud and clutch that come with the "HD Cooling" option that all AC cars received, and I imagine it was the same for 68 cars. As Patrick mentioned, there should be no downside to installing the AC parts on a non-AC car, and I have often thought that the shroud and fan clutch would solve cooling issues in non-AC cars. I did replace my fan clutch about 10 years ago, and I may still have the box with the old fan clutch in it, so let me know if you're still chasing a part number and I'll look for it.
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    Check your vacuum advance canister and initial timing.
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    Sorting this little issue is delayed somewhat by the fact that my original motor was quite literally stuffed. Hacked by ''rebuilders'' in the distant past with no apparent Buick knowledge, according to the one engine-shop guy in this state who has done 100+ Buick V8s for owners all over Australia. Block unusable. He gave me a full report with photos and it was sobering.

    Thanks to a member on here, a replacement ''barn stored for 25+ years'' 430 is currently on its way to me from Nebraska via the port of LA. On arrival it will be forensically tested and freshened up as necessary.

    I do have the original radiator out now and ready to take to a shop for inspection and recoring if required.

    I'll get back to you in six months LOL.
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    ouch! Good luck!
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    Ouch x2!

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