1969 Buick GS 350 for sale

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    7B77BD0D-0330-47A7-8C82-623FDBC632A3.jpeg 80478209-62BD-4F17-AEE0-23F80D44ADBF.jpeg 23917C42-85CA-43A8-8E54-9DC6D2A07A2C.jpeg 0EBC3637-E2E6-41C3-91DD-2CCAD0283D47.jpeg 80478209-62BD-4F17-AEE0-23F80D44ADBF.jpeg 5B022977-10CF-470E-8A2F-F212CAB74F18.jpeg 23917C42-85CA-43A8-8E54-9DC6D2A07A2C.jpeg 80478209-62BD-4F17-AEE0-23F80D44ADBF.jpeg 0EBC3637-E2E6-41C3-91DD-2CCAD0283D47.jpeg 86CEB847-C73B-412D-A921-07146FF6DD58.jpeg Very rare 1969 Buick GS 350 with a 3 speed manual transmission. It is 1 of 50 built. The car does not run. All parts are there except original wheels. $5,000 or best offer.

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