1969 Buick GS California w/ stage 1 455 and TH400 NEW award winning restoration

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    1969 Buick GS California w/455 and thowing the 1972 Triumph Daytona 500 in as a bonus

    This is a true 1969 Buick GS California built at the Freemont plant. Myself and a friend built this car by hand one part at at time and it its a total restoration that took 4 and a half years to complete due to the rarity of parts and having to rebuild a lot of it by hand. I kept it true to its design with all the original componites, emblems, ram air system, vinyl top, rally wheels, and power steering. The restoration was completed January 2015. I made the following modifications due to it not being a numbers matching car.

    1. original color was Trumpet Gold and now is Tuxedo Black

    2. original engine was GS 350 and now is a 1970 Stage 1 455 cammed up, ported, polished, 850cfm edlebrock carb, MSD 6AL-2 ignition, TA Performance parts and headers, Dynomax exhaust, and dynoed at 380 HP with 575ft lbs of torque. It is a good cruiser but also can be extremly fast when wanting that thrill.

    3. original transmission was replaced and is now a TH400 with waffle clutch plates and stage 3 shift kit and custom built 2600rpm stall converter. The engine and transmission are matching and out of the same 1970 455-4 barrel electra 2 door.

    4. original rear end was a limited slip 3.08 and now is a posi track with 3.42 gears out of a 70 GS 455

    5. original interior was black and now is black with red diamond tuck simulated ostrich skin to look like bucket seats with custom armrest and center cup holder storage container and also added a very expensive 1966 buick tachometer and large triple guages.

    6. Hotchkis suspension parts with QA-1 shocks with 9 adjustments for ride and weight transfer.

    I spared no expense building this car to be a show winner which it has won 4 awards in the only 3 shows it has done. I had an highly respected award winning painter do the paint on the car and oversee the restoration process. I have over $40,000 in the restoration not counting my time and it has only been driven to break in the engine and to position it for the car shows about 600 miles total. If you want a real muscle car that won't dissappoint and a car you can show with pride at any car show or event then this is the one for you. I am only selling it to get more money to make a downpayment on my dream home in Austin, TX. I hope whoever buys this car will appreciate it as much as I have and take great care of it knowing how carefully it was assembled and built. This is a very fast car and was called the hemi killer for a reason and is a lot of fun to drive and enjoy. Call 316-250-0807 asking $49,000 lots more pics available

    The 1972 Triumph Daytona 500 T100R is all original and I have around 4,500 dollars in this bike it has never been taken apart and has less than 9,000 original miles on it. It runs and sounds like a dream. This is a package deal since I need the money for the downpayment on the house I'm trying to buy. I have a lot invested in these big boy toys and you will enjoy every minute you spend with both of these jewels. This won't last long so give me a call.

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    Thanks for the input and I cleared that up in the ad. The car is in Wichita, KS, I just moved to Austin and am storing the car until I find a buyer. I should have specified that the trans was not original to the car but what was in the car at the time. The current engine and trans is out of at 1970 Electra 2 door and was the 228th buick 455 ever built and had the max horsepower they offered that year.
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    super and what a joy to drive I bet
    not much matter what it was its a heck of a lot more now
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    Thanks Bill, it hurts to sell but I need this house. Hopefully someone will want a cool fun car.
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    Just curious, did you convert the turbo 400 to a short shaft or, did you shorten the drive shaft for the long shaft to fit? Are you sure the rear end is from a '69 GS? The 3.55 ratio would likely indicate Olds or Pontiac as the Buick would have been a 3.23, 3.42, 3.64 or 3.91 in 1969. Just wanted to help with accuracy of info? :)
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    I paid a guy to make the rebuild and make the transmission swap with the old 350 engine still in the car before I did the restoration and changed the engine too i'm not sure what he did to the drive shaft but the car had a drive shaft with a rubber insert before and I went to a solid one and he probably shortened it a bit. I talked to the guy today who I bought it from and he said it was 3.42 gear ratio out of a 1970 GS455. Thanks for the intrest
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