1969 Buick Lesabre custom

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    I love this car, but unfortunately it needs to go. It is a sedan so obviously not the coolest car in the world. Still, it is a really reliable and fun car to drive. In fact, I use this car to tow all of my other Buicks when they break down. The car has it' s original 350 v8 and transmission. The car runs and drives just fine. I take this car all over the place, both in town and down the highway, it is the only classic car I own that I trust when I have to go 80 on the interstate. All the lights works, heater works, and the windshield wipers work. The radio does not work, and the speedometer needle is missing, so I use my phone to tell me my speed instead. There is some surface rust on the hood, rust on the quarter panels, and a little rust on the bottom corner of the fenders. There is also a scratch along the side of the car from decades ago, according to the guy I bought it from. All of the trim is with the car, the only trim not on the car right now is the left side drip rail trim, the drip rail comes with the car, but it is warped on one side and needs to be straightened out. I think it must have happened when the top got replaced. Anyway, I love this car, and love to get the body work all finished, but I just can't afford it anymore. If you have any questions, let me know.

    2,500 or best offer

    Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Lesabre #1.jpg Lesabre #2.jpg Lesabre #3.jpg Lesabre #4.jpg Lesabre #5.jpg Lesabre #6.jpg Lesabre #7.jpg Lesabre #8.jpg Lesabre #9.jpg Lesabre #10.jpg
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    OK Aus91R: I'm checkin' out the 60 . Out of curiosity, what's the scoop on it? Mitch
  3. Aus91R

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    Hey Mitch, I think I'm to attached to the 60 to let it go, but just for your information, it is a Lesabre 4 door sedan. It runs and drives. It has a 364 nailhead. it is really straight and really solid. It has a lot of electrical shorts right now, and the transmission is a little sluggish. I love driving it around, and could only get rid of it if I was offered a real good amount for it. Thanks for asking about it, it is an awesome car!

    60 Lesabre.jpg
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    I should also mention, on the 69 Lesabre, the 3500 is not firm, I am willing to negotiate price.
  5. Aus91R

    Aus91R Well-Known Member

    Just dropped the price to 2,500. I am open to any offers

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