1969 quadrajet 4 barrel

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  1. stumper

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    1969 Buick quadrajet
    Standard 4 barrel

    it is pretty clean. I don’t know the inside condition or if it works correctly. Assume you will need to go through it.

    $75 or best offer plus shipping

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  2. BuickV8Mike

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    Inline. PM sent.
  3. gd2227

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    FYI: this is a 1969 Riviera 430 cid, automatic carb.

    The GS 350 4 speed is a 7029245 and a 1969 GS 400 4 speed is a 7029243.

    Here is an old qoute: "Many people think any code ending in odd number indicated manual transmission, but not always true.
    It is a 69 Riviera 430 automatic."

    Fell free to perform a search for 7029241 here on the board...
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  4. BuickV8Mike

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    Out of line

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