1969 Skylark Convertible Journey Comes to an End - for me at least

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    This is my first posting on this forum only because I know the end of my journey can certainly be the beginning for someone else.

    It started 4 years ago when I set out to do a full restoration on a 69 Skylark convertible from head to toe. What started out as an eBay purchase quickly got out of control. The restoration should have been new drive train, upholstery, light body work and then some paint but since work was moving fast it seemed like a good idea to be extra thorough. And in doing that we decided to do a rotisserie restoration job.

    This is a Missouri car so you can imagine it came along with plenty of rust issues. We rebuilt the stock motor which is a 350 stock buick bored out .30 over, with a mild 260 cam. The heads were also gone through and rebuilt like everything else on the motor. New competition intake manifold, edelbrock 600cfm carburetor, edelbrock coil and Mallory distributor. Brand new 3 core american radiator with built in electric cooling fans, new harmonic balancer, water pump, radiator hoses, new front disc brakes, master cylinder and power booster, new brake lines, chrome headers, drive-shaft was rebuilt and balanced, new fuel tank, new fuel lines, frame was sand blasted and powder coated. The transmission was also rebuilt (stock) and the driveshaft and the rear end was upgraded with post traction with 373 gears (I think).

    The body of the car was separated from the frame and the repairs on the shell begun back in 2012. The work required a lot of sheet metal be ordered but as we all know finding american stamped steel for a 69 buick was not as easy as it would have been if it were a mustang or a camaro. We got a brand new floorpan, trunk, rear quarters and even the dash was repaired, there is also a completely restored GS hood with matching snorkel air cleaner bucket seats and center console and shifter.

    Here is where the story takes a turn. In the time it took to find the rear quarter panels work by the body shop stopped. Then I found out that the rear wheelhouses needed to be fabricated as there are none available for a convertible[​IMG]. Ever since then, the shop has delayed completing my car for the last 3 years.

    By now I have all but lost all my interest in completing this GS [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Tribute [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]car[/FONT][/FONT], while I would love to continue feeding the monster, the shop that is doing the work appears to be too busy to take my money.

    So, I have hundreds of pictures of the restoration and am looking for a good solid offer for this project. Then bring your flatbed and take her away. I rather get some of my money back than continue to hope the shop will ever complete the job. I can't tell you how much I have invested in this 69 so far but its what happens when you have a vision and someone else ruins it for you. I know I will not get all my money back, but I rather have someone else get a shot at finishing it for a fraction of the price rather than letting it sit at the shop.

    I am looking to part with everything so parting this out is not an option, I want to rip the band aid off.
    If you are interested in this make me an offer, I am located in sunny southern california.

    I have many pictures of everything so if you have any questions let me know.

    thanks for Reading

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    It looks like a great start I know how projects can stall. Good luck with the sale.

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