1970 Buick GS-455 Stage 1(RARE)*Crazy Fast* - $28,455 (Long Island)

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    his Muscle car will "LIGHT YOUR FIRE".............. All Buick GS 455--446370H vin code,, Stage 1 cars were built in Flint Michigan(seventh digit of vin is H),((Similar to all Oldsmobile W-30 cars being built in Lansing Michigan(seventh digit of that vin is M)).. My car spent its youth in a Mid West state ,,,which is why it is RUSTFREE(Perfect original trunk and floor pans) as well as amazing metal attraction on the entire body---Extremely Solid GS.!! The motor was rebuilt years ago,,and is still dialed in correctly..The large 4 core Heavy Duty Radiator keeps everything COOL..The heavy Cast iron intake was long ago replaced with an old school Aluminum Edelbrock "B4B" port matched to the big valve heads((The heads have Expensive Adjustable Roller Rockers which require a special adapter to seat the Factory Original Chrome Plated Stage 1 valve covers)),,letting the 850 CFM Hi-Performance Edelbrock Quadrajet carb model #1910(Legal for IHRA Stock and Super Stock class racing, breathe nicely with the Factory Forced Dual Snorkel Air Induction ,,, The points distributor was replaced with an MSD ignition system,,The turbo 400 transmission with high stall converter sends the over 510 foot pounds of Torque to the Factory 3.64 Posi-Traction rear end with Heavy Duty axles..The heavy restrictive exhaust manifolds were replaced with Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger headers that flow thru a full huge 3 inch exhaust system,,including even the 3 inch tailpipes and a cross-over exhaust unit underneath the car,,,which really compliment the 490 lift camshaft..----The car sounds Amazing,,is TIGHT,,FAST,,and RELIABLE.....................Power-Steering,,Power-Disc-Brakes,,F41 Heavy Duty Suspension,,Factory Tach and Gauge car,,Bucket seats,,Full Length Floor console,,3-Spoke Rallye Sport-Steering Wheel,,Tinted Windshield,,Rear-Window Defroster,,15 inch Chrome Plated Buick mag wheels,,AND MORE-----74,000 original miles-----Not a show car,,but a real mean machine that can be driven in confidence with a HUGE SMILE on your face..1970 was the Peak Year for the Muscle Car Era..(The Pinnacle of Detroit's Power Prowess)..------."NOW WOULDN'T YOU REALLY RATHER HAVE A 1970 BUICK....

    00X0X_gfrR0zo1NsIz_0ak07K_1200x900.jpg 00D0D_iFTau90ywsVz_0ak07K_1200x900.jpg 00F0F_eVtBEts1bhtz_0ak07K_1200x900.jpg 00f0f_7XrRKBuYZEWz_0ak07K_1200x900.jpg
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    It’s back. Is it in New York or Pennsylvania?
  3. tt455

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    New York, I guess this was posted before?
  4. GSFredsbuddy

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    It was for sale before ?
  5. BrianTrick

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    Scroll down on this page. It was listed last week,and a few times before that.
  6. 70 GMuscle

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    Not too far from me. Anyone see it? Nice color combo.
  7. BrianTrick

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    Originally green. Curious to know exactly how nice it is. I’m interested.
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    I saw it. Owned by a friend of mine. Not bad. No numbers on block. Poncho trans. No stage carb or dist.

    Fenders are NOS "flat" style. Likely put on in the 90s. 71 core support. 73/74 narrow pin emblems. No Wayne Robert's report. Could very well be a GS 455.

    Like Brian said, originally green
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  10. Brian Albrecht

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    Sounds like the correct rearend [3.64] for a Stage. That's the part that seems to survive, more so than engine or trans. Do you know if the PO replaced it or not?

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