1971-1972 Riviera Gas Tanks

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    1971-1972 Riviera Gas Tanks:

    These tanks are very difficult to find used and no one repops them yet! I belive its because they are specific to one car made for only 2 years with the offset licence plate in 73 they centered the plate and used the standard fullsize gm rear fill tank.

    I personaly am not worried about complete origionality and there are companies out there to custom make a fuel cell type TIG welded gas tank for me, but they need all design dimentions and plans drawn up and it would be like $800-$900 to do it. I figure if I am going to draw up plans I would just build it myself and tack it together and take it down to the local welding shop and have them TIG it up... or I would just MIG it myself and grind it.

    Anyone finds these for sale in the aftermarket... POST IT PLEASE!!!!:pray:
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    I know this is an old thread, but I just ordered a tank from an outfit in Illinois. 304 stainless and they had the plans for it already.
    $895 plus shipping, but I thought it was worth it. six week lead time, so I can post quality review once I get it.

    Rock Valley Antique
    Auto Parts, Inc.

    5295 28th Avenue
    Rockford, IL 61109

    Phone: 815-645-2271
    Fax: 815-645-2740

    Toll Free Order Line
    (800) 344-1934
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    Did you get your tank yet? Thoughts on it?

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